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During Christmas break, I wanted to develop python software or package following industry practice. So I had started a data science project, machine learning deployment, and python package. I have not finished the first two but finished the latter.

It is an open source python package that resizes images. You can install it from PyPI by:

pip install

This package takes a json input which specifies necessary settings and resizes images by parallel. The reason I use a JSON input is I aimed to use this package for web development. Here is GitHub:

Working on this project, I have learned to structure python project, used Travis CI for continuous integration, used pytest to write unit and coverage tests, uploaded the package to pypi, and studied a lot about speeding up python and parallelising python. I would say it is a lot.

Have a look and let me know what you think. Personally, I think I would re-factor it again and implement pooling to increase its efficiency even more.

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